I believe in the added value of a network consisting of strong partners with which I maintain a very good and complementary cooperation. These are institutions, management consultants, trainers and coaches in various specialised areas. I have cooperated with them on a wide array of projects and can thus offer my clients a wider range of competences.



Partner & Cooperations

Alexander W. Reitz

Alexander Reitz

Reitz Navigation: Detect and determine, identify the best route to the destination point and easily find your new horizons standpoint.
Eppinger Engineering Solutions

Eppinger Engineering Solutions EES GmbH

Products (HiFISH, customized CRM) and Consulting around Project Management with focus on Innovation and Gate-Modelling.



Institut für Persönlichkeit

Institut für Persönlichkeit IfP

The Institut für Persönlichkeit / Institute for Personality is the expert for diagnosis based personality development.
Detecting - Recognition - Development.


Scientifically-based analysis tool for value systems as foundation for changes, applicable in consulting, coaching and training. I like to use it for Organizational Development (OE).
Reiss Profile


The Reiss Profile is an instrument of personality analysis, detects the 16 human (life) motivation and as such the dimensions of the individual personality.
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