My comprehensive consulting offerings address many aspects of the required changes. Industry in focus, across industries and business units, individually-tailored to your needs and wishes. Combined with applied technical, methodical, field and social competence, my expertise as a Consultant allows me to slip into any role you request: Process consultant, advisor, partner, supporter, helper, confidante, potential developer, observer from the meta-level with an independent perspective from the outside and much more. I stand for comprehensive, purposeful change processes with heart, mind and intuition.



Company/Organisational Development

The industry is running at full speed, business and technical progress are increasing rapidly. The transformation from the industrial society to an information and knowledge society, the globalisation, developments and trends on the world markets, the urgency of working even more dynamically and faster–all this increases the press on companies, teams and people to safeguard sustainable and long-term success. Is there still enough time to recognise the trends and “currents” and to evaluate the influences upon one’s own company? What is today (still) harmonious, what is needed, what different types of potential can you realise?

In this regard, current strategies, processes and business models can be pondered, adapted or even updated. New values can be created, supported by credible cultures at the company: Responsibility vis-à-vis employees, cooperations, sensible products and services, the realisation of different types of potential.


Application Areas / Examples:

  • Long-term support during organisational changes and organisational developments from the analysis to the implementation (restructuring, closures, changes in management personnel, start-ups)
  • Advising and implementation of value analyses for your company, divisions, employeesFormulation and implementation of technology, innovation and product-creation processes
  • Providing assistance during the strategic company development
  • Providing support during the development of the mission statement and optimisation of your corporate culture
  • Sparring partner as a Management Coach/Change Manager
  • Separation culture, out- & new-placement coaching



Management Personnel Development

The complexity and challenges imposed by companies upon their management personnel are growing very much, the challenges are becoming increasingly multi-layered. Management is needed which fits the employees and specific situations. In the field of tension of rigid company policies and with motivation, inspiration and with employee-focussed implementation, the manager is confronted with daily challenges. How do I position myself, which role do I assume, how do I handle conflicts? How successful am I and how authentic? 

There are tools/methods available for mastering comprehensive as well as also difficult challenges as a manager–amicably, appropriately and exhausting one’s own (management) strengths.


Application Areas / Examples:

  • Providing support during the role definition and positioning
  • Providing assistance during the reflection (dealing with employees, power, etc.)
  • Transition Coaching: effective leadership transition in optimal combination of business, leadership and personality
  • Alleviating the tensions during conflicts (conflict coaching)
  • Dealing with difficult personalities
  • Creating a connection between the employees on the team in the field of tension between the company and the culture
  • Creating balancehow do I utilise my potential and the potential of each individual on the team?
  • Integrated leadershiprealising potential through the development of awareness
  • Success through inspiration and encouragement
  • Spirited management
  • Management Skill-set Development–“From Research...for the Business”
  • Individual coaching for management personnel
  • Small group coaching (management personnel with direct reports, possible as an incentive)
  • Attentiveness seminars, management seminars with horses
  • Providing support to the existing development programmes for your company’s managers
  • Separation culture, out- & new placement coaching



Realizing Potential / Talent Management

Each person contributes competences and abilities. However, how consciously, profoundly and to the benefit of the individual and the collective group these talents are used varies. Talent management comprises controlling, promotion and targeted usage. It is a cross-company, cross-sectional task for both HR and the management team. It includes measures such as the acquisition, identification, promotion, development, motivation and creating a bond with the talents as a guarantee for success in order to form an innovative and future-oriented company.

Boundless potential lies in every human being. How does one succeed in empowering oneself to take the “steering wheel” oneself for the implementation of one’s own dreams? How do we create meetings which invite, inspire and encourage us?


Application Areas / Examples:

  • Providing support during the definition, formulation and implementation of talent management processes
  • Providing support during the long-term personnel development–to more independence and self-actualisation upon the part of the employee to the company’s benefit
  • Formulation of processes for high potentialswhat should one offer, how can one keep them?
  • Analysis of values with the 9 Levels of Value Systems Development Model
  • Life motivation analysis with the Reiss profile
  • Shining as a personalityauthenticity instead of perfection
  • Sense and fulfilment in one’s careerdiscover your own compass


Value Systems & Motivations


9Levels of Value Systems

The 9 Levels of Value Systems Model represents the developments of value systems among persons, groups and organisations. This allows for a better understanding and above all any change necessities to be derived. How does a person fit into a company? How does a division/team fit into the current task field depending on the company’s policies and goals? What challenges are imposed by the environment/the market and how likely are the current value systems to succeed? The 9 Levels Model is a values meta-model, a development model for personality development and the evolution of organisations and cultures.

he model is based on the findings of Prof. Graves and his research work of more than 20 years. In his theory, he describes various perspectives of how people, systems and organisations observe the world and then think and act. The 9 Levels of Value Systems Model is now the continued development. It combines current research results and life correlations from the business world.

Through the analysis, you understand your current value orientations and awareness levels as well as also the changes on the market and the required adaptations. It becomes clearer to you why you do well with certain values or not as well with others. You recognise and have an understanding of the relevance of other value orientations, but can also introduce and implement the relevant change initiatives.


Reiss Profile – Lebensmotive

The Reiss Profile is a standardised psychological testing procedure which collects data about the individual personality based upon 16 motivations. They describe what motivates a person, what the person is striving for and what is important to the person. Upon a supplemental basis, it also describes how these essential features of one’s own differ from others in thought, feeling and action. The findings thus obtained promote the self-acceptance of one’s own personality as well as respect and tolerance towards others. Moreover, they supply concrete indicators of how performance and satisfaction can be promoted and preserved over the long term. They permit one to predict how the person will conduct himself in certain situations. It is a type of personality key.

The Reiss Profile is used everywhere where understanding the human being as an individual becomes relevant when assisting and supporting him in his life’s situations. Correspondingly diverse are the application areas of personnel selection and potential analysis via management and team development, talent management to coaching and life balance consulting. In business, one finds the Reiss Profile being applied above all in the context of management, team and motivation. There, it contributes to a new, modern management concept which logically focusses on the individual personality.

The 16 life motivations according to Reiss are: Power, independence, curiosity, respect, order, collecting/saving, honour, idealism, relationships, family, status, revenge/competition, eros, food, physical activity, emotional peace.


Long-term supporting of change processes, seminars, workshops, individual coaching and the like help you, 

  • To successfully position yourself in the market,
  • To master your change,
  • To overcome crisis and blocks,
  • To master conflicts,
  • To expand your competence
  • To realize your potential

in order to become an innovative and future-oriented company, in order to become a responsible and authentic personality.
In an initial meeting, we will discuss your issues and challenges and jointly decide which form of consulting and/or combination is best-suited for your needs.


„I want to expressly thank Dieter Kerkhoff for the very professional, goal-oriented and pleasant cooperation. In addition to the very structured, process-oriented and successful work approach, I have known him to be a self-confident, communicative and insightful colleague and superior. I have learned a lot from Mr. Kerkhoff, value his professional, personal and humane “support” on the team. To me, Mr. Kerkhoff embodies a competent, talent-promoting partner and reliable expert who knows the trends, creates innovative solutions and helps one to be successful sustainably." – Natalie Bogdanov


„I have gotten to know Mr. Kerkhoff to be a colleague and superior with a strategic farsightedness, good instincts in his dealings with people and cooperative goal-orientation. Our cooperation was always characterised by a positive dynamic as well as authenticity and has sustainably stimulated and motivated me.“ – Jörgen von Bodenhausen

„The coaching with Dieter Kerkhoff has helped me very much to view my career situation from a different perspective. I have experienced his approach to be challenging, but yet supportive. Our conversations were very stimulating and a great help. I value his professional and, at the same time, very empathetic manner." – Tanja Kmonitzek

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