• Many years of experience as a Director with global technology, personnel and budgetary responsibilities in the automobile supplier industry (Tier 1)
  • Manager with international experience and diverse expertise in changes and their targeted, efficient formulation
  • Strategic corporate management as a member of the group-wide steering committee (strategy, product vision)
  • Well-founded expertise in technology, innovation and product-creation processes
  • Broad-based know-how in the development of managers and personnel through targeted talent management and emphatic development of potential


  • Sustainable development of innovations through a solid balance of research, technology and industry
  • Successful integration of high potentials into the future-oriented strategy
  • Best-possible values, needs and potential orientation in harmony with company culture and strategy
  • A high level of enthusiasm in supporting people during the realisation of their potential and the development of their talents

Training/Continuing Education

  • B.A. in Mechanical Engineering and Master of Business Administration
  • Education in Business Coach and Management Coach/Change Manager
  • Certification as a Reiss Profile Master (human motivation analysis)
  • Certification as a 9-LEVELS Consultant (value analysis for persons and organisations)
  • MFL® Morphisches Feld Lesen, working in the field of consciousness

Employee History

Today, I can look back on more than two decades of professional work at large American companies in the automobile supplier industry (Tier 1). The starting point was formed by my educational training as a Vehicle Mechanic and my mechanical engineering university study programme including a semester abroad. An MBA study programme rounded off my expertise.

Products, Processes, Strategies

For many years, I worked in the product/process development of interior components and in project management. I acquired expertise in materials, designs, efficient programme management and commercialisation for the client. All this in the field of tension of high cost and deadline pressures, increasing requirements, high quality standards and quickly-changing framework conditions.

In the area of Business Development, I focused on customer-oriented strategies and conquering existing and new markets with innovative products and competitive processes. I increasingly worked in the broad field of the process of product creation with the interdisciplinary complexity of the individual regulating variables. My work was solution-oriented – oftentimes consisting of changes affecting the market, the clients and, last but not least, one’s own company.

Strategy, Team, Integration

As a Director, I held global technology, personnel and budgetary responsibilities and was a member of the group-wide steering committee (strategy, product vision). Upon the successful completion of an executive suite trainee programme (strategic leadership), I established a global, sustainable innovation and technology process. And a corresponding team–a wonderful task! I really enjoyed defining the goal and purpose, interfaces and interaction, relevant requirements for the division and organisation, and ultimately also for the resources and position. In harmony with the company culture and strategy as well as based upon the best-possible values, needs and potential orientation for the employees, I assembled a highly efficient team. In addition to figure-oriented measured values, the focus was also on personnel development–particularly through the conveyance of knowledge, coaching, individual and team potential and team-building.

Integrated Mind-Set

During my day-to-day work life, I placed much value on cooperations with suppliers, research institutions and universities. The promotion of young talents through Bachelor’s /Master's Theses and Ph.D. Dissertations was just as important to me as the integration of my own employees into the future-oriented innovation projects for the development of differentiated and competitive products. In so doing, it was also important to me to support an integrated mind-set and action.

Changes as an Opportunity

I have experienced some changes – sometimes painful, difficult, drastic. From an organisational restructuring to the spin-offs of business units to the dissolution of divisions. I was allowed and had to experience uncertainty, anxiety, anger and resistance in order to support my divisions: With all emotions which are associated with them. Nonetheless, the sense of having an opportunity prevails. Changes are the impetus for each individual and for companies. My experience allows me today to respond in a more relaxed fashion to changes –in the respective situation, in an easy-going manner and appropriately, humorously and encouragingly. I regard this change as a unity on all levels–with my mind, my heart and my intuition.

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