• What are you doing in order to safeguard your sustainable success for tomorrow?
  • Are you designing your changes in a targeted, systematic and efficient manner?
  • How can you promote awareness of your employees’ talents and successfully realise these in your process?
  • Are you currently already focusing on innovative potential development?
  • What role does your own compass play with heart, mind and intuition during your daily decision-making?

When you think about your day-to-day work life, you certainly think of key words like strict policies, high requirements, tightly-structured processes, countless products and processes, multi-layered changes, tough competition, position in the market, innovations, technologies, safeguarding the future, performance, success and much more. And who is going to implement everything?

The 3P-Methodology

the 3P-Methodology

These days, the interplay of person, process and potential is very important and necessary. The 3P Methodology combines the high authenticity and effectiveness of persons with creative and integral solutions which result in the best-possible development of potential for person and company. In this regard, awareness, consolidation and integration lead to success.

Hard Policies, Heart-Guided Implementation

With more than two decades of experience as an Engineer in global, top-level management roles, at large American group companies in the automobile supplier industry (Tier 1), I am excited about the vision and strategy, turnover and profit standards. I have well-founded expertise–particularly in regards to creation of processes for technologies, innovations and products.  I have supported changes for many years with motivation and optimism and have been given the privilege of recognising the high value of the human being with his needs, talents and potential. These values have been integrated as central moments into my change work. In this work, I see the key to an innovative, future-oriented company.

My Credo

I stand for comprehensive, sensible change processes with heart, mind and intuition. The basis for my work is formed by comprehensive expertise and my natural, respectful attitude for a successful cooperation at eye-level.

As an independent Consultant, I support

  • Companies in their individual, complex change processes with goal-oriented, comprehensive and sustainable solutions
  • Managing Directors, Managers and their teams during the finding of their roles and positioning, in reflection, as sparring partners, in their development.
  • Helping people to discover their talents, to realise and value their individual potential as well as to affect motivated action.

Als selbstständiger Berater begleite ich

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